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Getting your novel reviewed

Posted by Janice on July 1, 2016 at 2:10 AM

So far my book has secured only two reviews, both online. One of these is on the Fair Dinkum Crime site and the other at  Aust Crime Fiction

Not through lack of trying as the publishers have sent review copies to various dailies but as yet, no bites.

So it was lovely to have this feedback passed on by a friend.

"I finished reading Murder in Mt Martha recently, having even read some of it at Mt Martha which seemed appropriate.

I enjoyed Murder in Mt Martha from a number of perspectives. I like crime fiction that develops interesting characters, rather than mainly focussing primarily on the 'crime plot/ solving the crime', and I thought this book did this well, even though at times it almost felt like there were too many characters and sub-plots. I think this feeling may have been caused in part by the fact I was often reading in bed late at night and only a few pages on some days. I also liked the writing style, as I found it engaging and easy to read, with enough dialogue / direct speech to make the characters come alive.

It was also a plus having the (rather gruesome) link to Mt M and being able to recognise some other familiar places because a lot of the action was set in Melbourne. Another (unexpected) interesting aspect was the Hungarian connection, as the father of a friend of mine migrated (fled) from Hungary and was an interpreter at the 1956 Olympics and therefore had some contact with the Hungarians who defected. My friend recounts little snippets of Hungarian food culture similar to those featured in this novel.

So I enjoyed the book on many levels - thank you for your kindness in giving me a copy. (Please feel free to pass on my feedback to your friend, Janice if you think that's appropriate.) I intend to lend the book to Kirsty and to my friend whose father came from Hungary and who is a keen reader of crime fiction."

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